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Note: The new version of this website launched June 24, 2024. If you registered before that date, please note that accounts and data were not migrated to the new site. Please re-register your school/organization and set up any programs and program administrators. Previous survey round data and reports are still able to be accessed when logging into the old version of the site at Reach out with any questions you may have at



To get started using TRUST or TRUST-S, please identify yourself as:


Identified and authorized administrator for the organization.  The Organization Administrator has the ability to create an organization account, create program profiles, create and send unique survey links for survey rounds, and access organization and program level survey round reports.


The Program Administrator is usually a program’s manager or director. The Program Administrator is assigned by the Organization Administrator during account set up. Once assigned, the Program Administrator has the ability to send out unique survey links for survey rounds to staff for the specific program(s) they’re assigned to and access program specific survey round reports.

To get started, please ask your Organization Administrator to sign up for an account.


Visitors can access and explore public areas of the website and learn more about the TRUST/TRUST-S.