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TRUST & TRUST-S Quick Start Guide
Who can take the TRUST & TRUST-S survey?
Is there a cost to have a TRUST or TRUST-S account or to utilize the survey?
Is there a limit to the number of people that can take the survey within my organization or program?
How can I re-send a survey that has expired?
How often should I deploy the survey to staff within my program or organization?
What is the recommended time frame for the survey to be active?
My organization is located outside of New York, can I still register for an account?
Can I create an account if I am a staff member of an organization?
My organization completed the survey and need assistance with next steps.
My organization only has one program, can the organizational admin and program admin be the same person?
My program is small and has five or less staff. Can we still take the TRUST or TRUST-S survey?

Video Tutorials

How to run a Survey Report.
How to Set Up a Program.
Registering for an Account.
Sending out a Survey.
Understanding the Survey Report.